“High quality programming and facilitators! Membership gives me many choices in programs to choose from at no additional cost and discounts on other programs. Those in leadership are knowledgeable, caring, kind, and respond quickly when contacted.” “Very enlightening and informative information in [the] ACT offerings. [The] facilitator is a fire hose of information! And I … Continue reading Ruth C

Ruth C

“I have been practicing Mindfulness for almost 20 years. It wasn’t until I got involved with MAM that I truly realized more of what mindfulness has to offer. MAM has provided me a safe place of likeminded people to continue my journey through this life by using mindfulness as one of my guides.”

Paul S

“This is a place I can go and practice with others and learn new things. Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness has helped me deal with those overwhelming times when it seems like its going to take something really big to make a difference. I’ve learned about basic things I can do to help myself and to deal with … Continue reading Meetup.com


“The MBCT course offered an ideal balance between deepening my mindfulness practice and increasing awareness of my internal experiences in regards to symptoms of depression and anxiety. It helped me reflect on and adapt my day to day to a more mindful and healthy living space.” “There is always a warm, supporting, enriching atmosphere provided … Continue reading Anonymous


“Appreciated the diversity of the presenters in areas of special expertise, personalities, and styles as well as the cohesion and connectedness across all the presenters that leaves a sense of warmth, assurance, and heart-smiles.”

Program Satisfaction Questionnaire

iRest Yoga NIdra at Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness with Sydney Spears was an opportunity to work with a master teacher… Sydney made the application of the practices seem real and applicable… I honor her kind and compassionate approach as she led us deeper into ourselves to encourage our own healing.

Claudia C

MAM is by Aimee Eckhardt What I love most about MAM by Aimee Eckhardt Mindfulness is… by Aimee Eckhardt

Aimee E

“The best thing about the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness (MAM) is…” “Mindfulness is…”

Cathan K

Que es mindfulness? English translation: What is mindfulness? In Spanish, the term mindfulness doesn’t have an exact translation. It is translated as complete consciousness or full consciousness. Mindfulness is the practice and training of the mind to be as consistently as possible in the present moment, without the need for control and accepting whatever happens … Continue reading Tatiana P

Tatiana P

Mindfulness has really been a game changer for me… What I like most about MAM is…

Angie H

What mindfulness means to me… MAM is… The best thing about MAM is…

Deah R

The best thing about the Midwest alliance is… Mindfulness helps me… Mindfulness can change the world… Mindfulness is… The Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness is…

Pam H