The Peace Pod

MBSR setup 2019The Peace Pod is what we affectionately call the practice room at the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness 11100 Ash Street, Suite 103, Leawood KS 66211.

Just as a pod in nature is a vessel providing safety and nourishment for a developing seed, our teachers endeavor to make the Peace Pod a safe and nourishing place for practitioners to grow the seeds of mindfulness. Our heartfelt wish is that our practitioners will take the seeds they have nurtured here out into the world where they might blossom and bear fruit, spreading compassion, peace and wellbeing.

Peace Pod Etiquette

  • Please arrive at least five minutes early for your program. We share space with counselors and the interior offices are kept locked for privacy and security reasons. This also keeps our participant belongings safe and secure while our programs are in session. So, if you arrive late and class has already started, the facilitator may not hear you to let you in. Remember, no refunds are provided for missed classes. We also want you to have a little time to set up a cozy spot with any equipment and props you might need to be comfortable before the program begins.
  • Since we share space with counselors and therapists, we ask that you please maintain silence in the hallway once you enter the inner suite. Appointments may be in session and we hope you will help us avoid causing any distractions.
  • The Peace Pod is a shoes free zone. There are practical reasons for this, but removing one’s shoes is also a symbolic act of leaving the outside world of busyness and distraction outside. We have “guest socks” available for those with chilly or shy feet.
  • Your practice room is meant to be as free as possible from the usual distractions of daily life. Please leave your devices in the cubbies (or switch them to airplane mode or do not disturb) so everyone can have a break from the conditioned response they create.
  • The Peace Pod is meant to be a peaceful place. Please speak softly, with kindness and only when helpful or necessary.