Annual Meditation Challenge

At the start of each new year, the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness (MAM) offers its Annual Meditation Challenge. Attend one of our meditation events every week for a calendar year and receive a FREE Practitioner level MAM membership for the following year (a $150 value).

Sound intriguing? If you wish to participate, create a Punchpass account and sign up in advance online for each of the mindfulness classes and/or events that include meditation that you wish to attend. Then sign in with the teacher when you arrive at each event.

Participants who attend 50 offerings will earn their FREE membership. Never fear, if you are planning to be away on vacation or you become ill and cannot attend one week, you can make up a missed week by attending two events in one week (but, be sure to also meditate on your own – consistency is key). Remember, you must sign in with the teacher at each meeting in order to document your attendance and earn your free membership.