Why Study the Roots of Mindfulness?

Understanding history is an important way to gain wisdom, deepen understanding, and prevent the repetition of past mistakes. Seeing the world from other perspectives makes us more compassionate and flexible. Studying the roots of mindfulness brings similar benefits to practice.

Mindfulness in ACTion: Psychological Flexibility

Mindfulness in ACTion is a monthly column by Angie Hardage, LMLP offering nuggets of wisdom and practical tools drawn from an Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) approach. This month's post is about the power of emotions.

The I of the Storm

The practice of mindfulness can help free us from the tyranny of I, me and mine, teaching us to take things less personally, feel more connected, and respond with greater compassion and wisdom. Over time, we can learn to cultivate a quality of being that is relatively free of self-identification.

Learning to Live in the Moment

Paul Silverman, practitioner member of the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness shares how his mindfulness practice has helped him to live in the moment. Read how he turned a personal tragedy into an act of compassion for others.

Revolution from the Inside Out

Mindfulness can be a revolutionary act of intrinsic empowerment. Practicing mindful inquiry in the face of difficult, intense, or overwhelming experiences is an empowering way of maintaining equanimity and remaining connected to our internal wisdom.