The Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness offers membership opportunities to everyday people, professionals, organizations, and the surrounding community. Through becoming a member, you are inspiring a revolution from the inside out by supporting the proliferation of mindfulness in the Midwest while benefiting from local opportunities for community building, practice and training. Scholarships and trade for in-kind services may be available on an individual basis for those who can demonstrate financial need. Click on the appropriate dues amount in the chart below to purchase your membership:

Anyone interested in practicing mindfulness who would like the connection, support and shared resources of a nonsectarian mindfulness community and agree to MAM’s Intention Statement for Practitioners
Mindfulness Informed Professional (MIP)
Service providers who utilize the attitudes and practices of mindfulness in their professional work with others and agree to MAM’s Intention Statement for MIPs (e.g. yoga & meditation teachers, mental health & medical professionals, life coaches, etc.)
Practitioner benefits +

Trained Mindfulness Teacher (TMT)
Professionals who can document that they are Trained, Qualified or Certified in teaching mindfulness, agree to MAM’s Intention Statement for TMTs and agree to the Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers
MIP benefits +

Mindfulness Teacher Trainer (MTT)
Certified Mindfulness Teachers who are approved to mentor/train other mindfulness teachers, agree to MAM’s Intention Statement for MTTs, and uphold Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers of Mindfulness Teachers
TMT benefits +

  • Inclusion in Professional Directory (annual only)
  • Opportunities to train & mentor MIPs through MAM (annual only)
Mindfulness Informed Organization (MIO)
Organizations in the community that wish to be a part of building and sustaining a mindfulness community in the Midwest and agree to MAM’s Intention Statement for MIOs. Browse our corporate brochure.
Practitioner benefits +

  • Welcome Kit
  • Inclusion in Directory (annual only)
  • Discounted  Speakers Bureau fee (annual only)
  • Sponsorship opportunities

Per # of Employees

<50: $100/$1000

50-99: $200/$2000

100+: $300/$3000