Mindfulness Teacher Training

Many of us who have benefited so powerfully from the cultivation of mindfulness in our lives feel a deep calling to share these healing practices with others. The Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness (MAM) values training and education. Evidence is mounting that trained mindfulness teachers produce better outcomes for the people we serve. MAM is working hard to bring quality teacher qualification and certification programs to the heartland. In the meantime, here are some training programs in other parts of the continent we can recommend:

Mindfulness Teacher Training & Best Practices

  • The Meditation Safety Training Toolbox contains documents, protocols and best practice guidelines from the UMASS Center for Mindfulness, Bangor and Oxford Mindfulness Centers, and other mindfulness researchers.

There is no one regulatory body overseeing the professional context for mindfulness-based teaching. Many mindfulness-based teachers work within the context of their root profession (i.e. a health professional or a school teacher is bound by their professional regulatory body), and this gives some protection for both teacher and course participant. However, it is also important for a mindfulness course participant to have the confidence that their teacher has done the necessary preparation for the specific nature of this work. It is relatively easy for people who do not have the recommended credentials to set up as a teacher; and it becomes confusing for those wanting to access a well-qualified teacher to know how to judge the quality of their potential teacher. – Oxford Mindfulness Centre