Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention

(MBRP) is an 8-week course that brings practices of mindful awareness to people who suffer from addictive habits of mind. The skills learned in this course serve to increase awareness of triggers, destructive habitual patterns, and automatic reactions that can hijack our lives. The mindfulness practices in MBRP are designed to help participants pause, observe present experience, and bring awareness to the broader range of choices available to them in any given moment.

MBRP is a skill building course meant to complement, not to replace psychological treatments. Research shows it is best suited to individuals who have undergone initial addictions treatment and wish to maintain their treatment gains and develop a lifestyle that supports their well-being and recovery. If you are interested in taking an upcoming MBRP course, you must first register for a free initial consultation with the teacher to make sure the program is right for you.

Upcoming Offerings

This course is offered on a “by demand” basis. Register for a FREE initial interview with MBRP teacher, Dr. Tracy Ochester, to make sure the program is right for you. Participants of Dr. Ochester’s MBRP course are welcome to attend her Recovery Friendly Ashtanga Yoga classes for FREE during the course of their 8-week program.


Fees are based on a sliding scale according to after tax household income. MAM members receive a discounted rate. Those who are able to pay more make it possible for providers to serve those with less. Scholarships may be available to individuals who can demonstrate severe financial hardship.

Net Household Income Fee
$100,000 + $700
$75 – 99,999 $650
$50 – 74,999 $600
<$50,000 $550
MAM Members $500

Make-up classes and refunds are not available for missed classes in the series. Payment in full is due by the course deadline and there are no refunds after this date. MAM requires a minimum of 6 registrants per MBI to hold class. Classes with fewer than 6 will be cancelled with options for rescheduling into open classes. In the event that the course is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of the registration fee, but refunds will not be provided for any pre-arranged transportation, accommodations or other miscellaneous expenses.

Continuing Education Credits:

Taking the MBRP course as a participant is the first step in becoming an MBRP teacher. MO & KS licensed mental health professionals can earn up to 20 continuing education units by participating in this course. MBRP is offered in partnership with Ochester Psychological Services, LLC, which manages payment and maintains all documents and records for this course.

Not sure which Mindfulness Based Program (MBP) is right for you? Watch our pre-recorded Intro to MBPs session to learn about the various programs and sample some of the practices.