Corporate Training

Workplace stress costs U.S businesses billions of dollars and mindfulness is emerging as a leading social determinant of health, with many benefits related to stress management. Top organizations like Google and Intel as well as a number of NBA and NFL teams have integrated mindfulness into their workforce, resulting in increased vitality, improved workplace dynamics, and higher profits and productivity. Employees who include a regular mindfulness practice in their day demonstrate greater emotional intelligence, focus, and creativity. MAM endeavors to help organizations cultivate workforce wellbeing and pursue good corporate citizenship.

Speakers Bureau

MAM maintains a core group of speakers who are available to provide mindfulness education, training and programming for community, institutional, or corporate gatherings and events. Visit our Speakers Bureau page to learn more about this service.

Engage Wisdom Circle

An innovative and highly interactive 8-week program developing emotional intelligence (EQ) and relationship-enhancement skills based on mindfulness practices with a community of supportive members. This community-building program is ideal for those who want to improve their ability to cope with challenging situations at work/home, build better relationships with with significant others, improve workplace interactions and leadership, and enhance the ability to make better decisions. The Engage Wisdom Circle experience is one of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Programs from San Francisco, California. This Institute’s body of groundbreaking programming was born at Google and has been integrated into the workplace at many other major corporations and organizations worldwide, such as American Express, LinkedIn, Ford, and Comcast.