“The MBCT course offered an ideal balance between deepening my mindfulness practice and increasing awareness of my internal experiences in regards to symptoms of depression and anxiety. It helped me reflect on and adapt my day to day to a more mindful and healthy living space.”

“There is always a warm, supporting, enriching atmosphere provided by all the instructors. Each movement towards creating your individual revolution is welcomed. I congratulate all of you for the nonstop energy, optimism, courage and conviction as you continue to develop and expand your community, and a revolution from the inside out.”

“I feel privileged to be part of this amazing community! Thanks to everyone who participates!”

“MAM has many quality offerings and I hope the word/advertising will continue to spread about all the great classes MAM offers. I especially like the classes that are at no extra charge that come with membership.”

“[Sydney] fully embodied mindful self compassion by curiously working to understand our sharing, asking us deeper questions so we became more mindful, responding with compassion when we didn’t for ourselves. She was a wonderful model of the behavior we are invited into through the material.”

“I’m so grateful for MAM as a community that improves my life and helps me grow.”

“I love meditation and I love participating in classes with MAM, as it creates a space to just be.”

“I joined about a year ago to help support my individual meditation practice. So I started with Marla’s Intro to Mindfulness series. In that series one of the practices she taught us was to take note of pleasant things that happened to us on a daily basis. She asked us to do this for just a week. I actually already had a little calendar that I used to track my yoga/meditation practice. So I incorporated this teaching by making note of my daily pleasantries on this calendar at the end of every day. Even though Marla had only asked us to practice this for the one week, it became such a habit of mine that here we are a full year later and I have an entire 12 months of daily pleasantries! I love being able to look back on these and see what things I consistently make note of. Also, because I did this over a full year, the practice spanned the complete spectrum of intense and turbulent days all the way to the calm and peaceful. So its wonderful to see that even on the hardest days, there’s always something good to make note of… I just wanted to share that story and say thank you for being a resource to the KC community!!”