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Cathan Kabrelian is trained in Nonviolent Communication, Mindful Educator Essentials, & Mindful Communication. She is pursuing certification through MAM & Mindful Schools.
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My interest in mindfulness began at the age of 15 when, on a visit to Japan, I witnessed an entire room full of monks meditating. Over the next many years, I read everything I found on meditation. I was fascinated by the idea that we could affect our physical, mental, and emotional experiences by training our brains. I became a closet meditator who, on and off for decades, tried sitting still, pushing away the inevitable onslaught of thoughts and stories which crowded my mind. I had no teacher, no instruction save some books from the library; and although I definitely received some benefit, I was sure that I wasn’t doing it right. In a way, I wasn’t! I finally discovered meaningfully useful books and articles full of scientific research and a whole host of instructions! Add to that some wonderful teachers and a practicing community, as well as many classes, courses, and trainings, and voilà! Mindfulness is now my favorite set of skills to teach! In addition to the potential of reducing stress and increasing emotional regulation, cognitive flexibility, concentration, self-acceptance, and resilience, the practice of mindfulness may simply make life more wonderful, and that is my heartfelt wish for everyone.
Cathan Kabrelian has been a multi-subject, multi-level teacher and tutor for over 30 years. She is trained in Nonviolent & Mindful Communication and Mindful Educator Essentials. Cathan is pursuing certification through MAM & Mindful Schools and teaches Mindful Communication courses and Parent-Child Mindfulness classes for MAM.
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