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Cultivating Compassion, Peace, and Wellbeing Through Mindful Living

We are a nonsectarian community of Midwestern mindfulness practitioners and mindfulness informed professionals practicing together and supporting our community in greater presence and awareness in daily living.

The Practice of Retreat

There is a long tradition in the mindfulness community of “leaving one’s homeland” – traveling to a quiet, secluded place away from the distractions and attachments of daily life – in order to focus exclusively on practice and reflection. Retreats provide a unique opportunity to deepen concentration and cultivate insight. Most dedicated mindfulness practitioners include […]

Unhacking Your Brain

While we cannot sustainably avoid difficult feelings, we can deliberately focus on positive and peaceful feelings. Just knowing this, and putting it into practice can be a complete game changer. – Dennis Tirch Our contemporary cultural climate is filled with chronic stimulation and an onslaught of distractions. Throughout the day, we encounter a multitude of […]

The Elements of Mindfulness Practice

What distinguishes a mindfulness practice from other types of practices that support wellbeing? Its no surprise to me that mindfulness has become a household word in recent years. It is a way of living that is both elegantly simple and exceedingly powerful. When practiced skillfully, it becomes nothing less than transformative.