“The three presenters were extraordinary. I was able to identify unseen layers of work that needs to be done. Beginning with the initial agreements until the end, the entire workshop was delivered by the three presenters with a mindful presence, elegance, compassion, and with depth and breadth of content.”

“I would like to say that this was the most beneficial and helpful course for CE credits I’ve attended in a while, thank you!”

“Appreciated the diversity of the presenters in areas of special expertise, personalities, and styles as well as the cohesion and connectedness across all the presenters that leaves a sense of warmth, assurance, and heart-smiles. Received a well rounded understanding of all the programs.”

“I was blown away with the level of the people there. Not only were the leaders skilled and knowledgeable, the participants were very skilled and wonderful. In some of the breakout sessions my experience was very humbling.”

“Sydney was such a great facilitator, professional, knowledgeable and kind. She created a space that felt extremely safe and welcoming. I learned so much and will try to take more classes with her in the future.”

“Angie is an amazing teacher, not only is she well versed in the subject, she made each session engaging. She also provided really helpful supplemental materials/articles on the topic. I absolutely want to take every single class she teaches… that’s how amazing this experience [was]. Angie uses various instructional methods to accommodate different learning styles and provides robust class outlines and notes for each class session. I appreciate her preparation and attention to detail.”

“Cathan was so gentle, warm, and encouraging. I can tell she really knows and practices what she preaches when it comes to non-violent communication.”

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to learn from a teacher/mentor. I found Tracy to be very knowledgeable and skilled. I feel like I learned a lot from her. I have found in person/group mindful practice much easier and informative than doing it on my own or through books.”

“Deah was warm, knowledgeable and inviting. The outline was useful, applicable, and meaningful. Astounded me we got so much accomplished in 2 hours. Offer this next year for sure!! ”

“I appreciated Erik’s ability to explain MBSR and meditation in a straightforward commonsense way that didn’t get too deep in the weeds but left me with a better understanding and avenues to explore. I left the class feeling that mindfulness/meditation is something that I can and have incorporated into my daily life.”

“Deah was absolutely wonderful. This series was so thoughtful and well organized, Deah obviously put a lot of time into preparing it. The handouts each week were very thorough – full of information, reflection questions, practices, and resources. Deah had so much genuine enthusiasm, it made it extra fun to learn from her. I am so thankful for this series and look forward to hopefully practicing with her again soon! I was a little nervous about doing this series online, but it turned out wonderfully! Deah put us in breakout rooms a couple times each session, which was really nice. There was a lot of interaction and discussion overall, which was perfect for this material. The general themes each week were emotions, self-compassion, and radical acceptance. They all were taught through the lens of mindfulness, and I feel like I learned a lot!”

“Great dynamic presenters… They did a good job making it interactive and I loved the visual examples. I enjoyed learning from them.”

“I felt cared for the entire time, I learned applicable skills too! She made it safe to explore and ask questions. I loved how experiential it was. The experiential and conversational nature of this learning was great!”

“Both of the presenters had a wealth of experience and knowledge that they brought to the workshop.”

“Informative, living out what they taught us which is lovely, open, receptive.”

“Insightful, wise, knowledgeable and very warm to everyone.”

“Calming, inviting, honorable, enjoyable.”

“Every time I sit, every teaching I hear, I learn more.”

“Sydney is an excellent educator and facilitator – Extremely engaging.”

“I learned a lot and truly appreciated the practical applications and tools to use in my practice.”

“I loved this training and have been able to implement it with my clients.”

“Sydney is an expert presenter. She provided a great structure- content, zoom breakouts, and breaks as needed. The information related to trauma and vagal systems was so helpful. I LOVED the emphasis and consideration given to DEI. Very powerful insights related to unintentional judgments about doing mindfulness that can be communicated by teachers, and how to change language to be more inclusive. A wealth of knowledge, and embodied the practices she was discussing as a leader. Very good modeling!”

“Cathan is a skilled and gifted teacher. Her knowledge of the content was exceptional! Digging deeper into this topic was extremely valuable and useful in all facets of life.”