Program Satisfaction Questionnaire

“Sydney was such a great facilitator, professional, knowledgeable and kind. She created a space that felt extremely safe and welcoming. I learned so much and will try to take more classes with her in the future.”

“Angie is an amazing teacher, not only is she well versed in the subject, she made each session engaging. She also provided really helpful supplemental materials/articles on the topic. I absolutely want to take every single class she teaches… that’s how amazing this experience [was]. Angie uses various instructional methods to accommodate different learning styles and provides robust class outlines and notes for each class session. I appreciate her preparation and attention to detail.”

“Great dynamic presenters… They did a good job making it interactive and I loved the visual examples. I enjoyed learning from them.”

“Both of the presenters had a wealth of experience and knowledge that they brought to the workshop.”

“Informative, living out what they taught us which is lovely, open, receptive.”

“Insightful, wise, knowledgeable and very warm to everyone.”

“Calming, inviting, honorable, enjoyable.”

“Every time I sit, every teaching I hear, I learn more.”