Shane Ledford

Shane L.

I was very excited when I saw the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness was going to provide a 200-hour Mindfulness Teacher Training program, and I enrolled in it nearly a year before it started. While there were other Mindfulness accreditation courses, I really liked the uniqueness of this program in that it was going to be longer and cover more subjects than other courses (and having it here locally in the midwest was also an incredible bonus). As we approach the final few months of training, I must say that the MTT program has surpassed all of my expectations. I assumed, going in, that some of the topics and training would be challenging, but the team of teachers have presented everything coherently and with a passion. All of the instructors have taken many advanced Mindfulness studies, and I can truly sense they have a strong desire to pass their vast knowledge on to us in hopes that we would also become teachers, and pass on the gift of Mindfulness to others. The instructors are very welcoming with any questions, and I always feel seen and heard.  In addition, the program is presented with a wonderful sense of familiarity, and I know I have made many lifelong friends with the instructors and other students during this life-changing and very rewarding experience.