An Expert in Acceptance and Commitment Training

Angie-Hardage-10_2019-3741448739-1570800557826.jpgMeet Angie Hardage, an expert in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) who is passionate advocate for social justice. She has led workshops, courses and continuing education offerings for us, and offered mindful labyrinth walks. Here is what Angie told us about her mindfulness journey:

“My introduction to mindfulness occurred in the context of my graduate work in clinical psychology. I experienced mindfulness as empowering in the face of life’s difficulties and quickly became passionate about sharing the potential of mindfulness with others.

In my role as a clinician, I utilize mindfulness-based modalities to support individuals seeking to create a life of vitality. In my community work with MAM, I offer classes, workshops, and discussions in hopes of creating opportunities for greater connection to self and others.

I am excited to be a part of this dynamic organization seeking to promote peace, well being, and compassion through mindful living and learning.  I see mindfulness as revolutionary, with the potential to transform lives and communities – revolution from the inside out!”

Angie is known for her expertise in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), an evidence-based, cutting-edge paradigm that corresponds with increased quality of life and decreased prevalence of a variety of problems in living, including stress, anxiety, depression, and substance use. ACT teaches mindfulness skills to help people behave in a manner that is congruent with their highest values while cultivating greater psychological flexibility.

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