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Mindfulness Practices Can Shift Our Perspective from Perfectionism to Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion

Through mindfulness and self-compassion we can transform culturally sanctioned perfectionism into a more balanced way of living

Mindful lessons from Star Wars: A New Hope

Mindfulness teacher Shane Ledford shares mindful lessons that can be found in the movie Star Wars: A New Hope
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A Hidden Curriculum: Conditioning in the Contemplative Classroom

On cultivating curiosity about conditioning and how it impacts our ways of being with ourselves, others, the world, and in our teaching of contemplative practices.
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Continuous Becoming: Offering Mindfulness in a Transition Center

Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness teacher Erik Hulse writes about the time he spent volunteering at Transition Center Kansas City (TCKC), an organization that helps the formerly incarcerated make a successful reintegration into the community.
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Another Near Enemy of Compassion: Firefighting

Firefighting makes a big splash, but doesn't get to the root of the problem - and the long-term costs are high. Mindfulness and compassion can show us a better way.
Angie Bahner, CMT-200

The Transformational Power of Mindfulness Teacher Training

As a full time college professor, Angie Bahner would like to use her mindfulness teacher training experience to develop a curriculum that offers possibilities for learning about mindfulness and engaging in practices within the classroom.
mindfulness teacher training program graduate Jeanie Bunker

The Transformational Experience of Mindfulness Teacher Training

Meet Jeanie Bunker, CMT-200, whose passion is to pass on her love of mindfulness to the next generation and to be of service to her community.
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The Gifts of Everyday Mindfulness

On this day of giving thanks, I reflect on the everyday gifts of mindfulness in my own life and in the lives of all who practice and all those they touch
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Meet the Teacher: Tobi Holloway

Meet our newest core teacher, Tobi Holloway, CMT-200, who is passionate about taking good care of ourselves, each other, and our planet.

A Mindfulness Center in the Midwest: Five and Still Alive

Its coming up on five years now that we've offered mindfulness services in our community as an official entity
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Taming the Judging Mind

A dedicated practice of mindfulness helps us harness the built-in human survival strategy of judging so that we can respond with wisdom.

Wise Versus Unwise Speech

Wise speech consists of words that are truthful, timely, and coming from a place of goodwill, but this is easier said than done.

Cultivating Five Inner Strengths: Wisdom

Wisdom is one of the Five Inner Strengths that can be cultivated to help us in our mindfulness journey.

Cultivating Five Inner Strengths: Concentration

Concentration is one of the five inner strengths - a steadiness of the mind that we develop through mindfulness practice.

A Polity of Mindfulness and Compassion

Mindfulness can help us expand our perspective so that we might make more compassionate choices about the ways we govern society, how we relate to each other and how we inhabit our planet home.

Cultivating Five Inner Strengths: Joyful Effort

Joyful effort is one of the five inner strengths - gladly showing up for our mindfulness practice, again and again, with a sense of freshness and upliftedness.

Cultivating Five Inner Strengths: Confidence

Confidence is one of the Five Inner Strengths we can cultivate that support us in our mindfulness journey - a deeply embodied trust in oneself and the possibilities of practice.

Cultivating Five Inner Strengths

The five inner strengths are interconnected beneficial qualities that steady the mind and support our mindfulness practice so we might live in closer alignment with our deepest values.