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How We Practice Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness research is providing emerging evidence that different types of practices, the quality of practice, and the attitudes we assume as we engage in them, may result in differential effects.

Planning a Mindfulness Retreat

A mindfulness retreat can be a powerful practice to add to our mindfulness repertoire. Here are some tips and strategies for making it a truly beneficial experience.

Mindfulness of Ways of Looking

Mindfulness training can help us realize, open to, and explore the infinite possibilities available to us so that we can exercise some degree of choice in how we relate and respond to ourselves, others, and the world. Through practice, we can develop greater awareness of our ways of looking and the wisdom to choose a perspective that is of greatest benefit to all.

Mindfulness for Stress Management

One of the most compelling reasons people seek out mindfulness training and start to practice meditation is a reputation for reducing stress.

The Gift of Mindful Attention

Research is indicating that mindfulness and meditation practice is correlated with enhanced attention and concentration. Through practice we can learn to harness this precious resource in service to the greater good.
Tatiana Padron Perich, CMT-200

Meet the Teacher: Tatiana Padrón Perich

Tatiana Padron, CMT-200 is a native Spanish speaker and core community teacher for the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness (MAM).

The Bottom Line is Mindfulness

Mass mindlessness causes great suffering for ourselves and other living beings. Maintaining a personal mindfulness practice may be one of the most important things we can do to liberate ourselves and the world from the tyranny of our own unexamined minds.

Four Years of Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga

2019 marked year five which you can read about here. Every year I reflect on my practice. It all started when I was asked to write about it for my yoga shala's blog. I figured it might be helpful to look back and see what I've discovered…

Finding Your Seat: Choosing a Meditation Posture

The purpose of the meditation posture is to facilitate prolonged periods of stillness and alertness. The posture we choose and the props we use to aid our mindfulness practice help us achieve a balance of comfort and alertness.

Yoga Asana: A Moving Mindfulness Practice

For many people in the US, yoga is a wonderful and accessible entryway into the mindfulness and meditative practices.

A Secular Sacred Space

Creating a sacred and protected space for a formal mindfulness practice helps us drop in and keep returning again and again.

Cultivating a Sustainable Practice

Here are some tips we give participants of 8-week courses to help them cultivate a sustainable mindfulness practice.

Practice Makes Perfectish

Connecting with the intentions underlying our mindfulness is important because what we practice becomes stronger.

The I of the Storm

The practice of mindfulness can help free us from the tyranny of I, me and mine, teaching us to take things less personally, feel more connected, and respond with greater compassion and wisdom. Over time, we can learn to cultivate a quality of being that is relatively free of self-identification.