Tatiana Padron Perich, CMT-200

Meet the Teacher: Tatiana Padrón Perich

Meet Tatiana Padrón Perich, a core community teacher for Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness (MAM) and Certified Systemic Ontological Coach. Tatiana is a person with many skills and talents. In her country of birth, Venezuela, she was a successful theater, television and cinema actor, assistant professor, Public Relations professional, and political activist. Tatiana is a graduate of the Intensive Practice Program (IPP) at UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, MAM’s 200-Hour Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification Program, and has experience with many types of meditation styles including Zen (Zazen), Vipassana, Hindu, Kundalini, and Dynamic. Here is what Tatiana had to say about her mindfulness journey:

“As an actor, I trained my body and learned breathing techniques and meditation; however, I didn’t fully understand the benefits until I discovered mindfulness meditation. It is now well known that Mindfulness can increase attention and focus, improve difficult mental states such as anxiety and depression, help with emotional reactivity, and develop emotional flexibility and empathy.

As a political activist, I found myself dealing with fear and anxiety for many years. Mindfulness meditation changed my life in the way I used to see it. I started a new journey, finding peace and a deeper connection with myself. With mindfulness meditation, I have been discovering answers about how we can end suffering and create a better quality of life. Mindfulness also provides a way to see the world with more awareness – with consciousness about what we are and what kind of world we are creating for future generations. Now, with MAM, I have the opportunity to help a diverse community learn how to increase well-being, live in the present moment, and connect with themselves with compassion. This is a journey that never ends.”

Being a native Spanish speaker, Tatiana is able to lead her mindfulness classes in both Spanish and English as needed. MAM is very fortunate to have a teacher like Tatiana among us who can bring a broader world view to our offerings. To sign up for one of Tatiana’s upcoming offerings, check out our calendar.

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