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Angie Bahner, CMT-200

The Transformational Power of Mindfulness Teacher Training

Angie Bahner shares how her mindfulness teacher training can help her develop a curriculum for learning about mindfulness and engaging in practices within the classroom
mindfulness teacher training program graduate Jeanie Bunker

The Transformational Experience of Mindfulness Teacher Training

Jeanie Bunker discusses her passion for passing on her love of mindfulness to the next generation and being of service in her community
Tobi Holloway with Guinea Hens

Meet the Teacher: Tobi Holloway

Meet our newest core teacher, Tobi Holloway, CMT-200, who is passionate about taking good care of ourselves, each other, and our planet.

Breaking Down the Gates and Welcoming In the Wilderness with Mindfulness

Certified mindfulness teacher Julia Grimm discusses the wisdom and refuge of her practice as well as the fruits of her mindfulness teacher training experience.

The Importance of a Mindfulness Teacher

On the importance of a mindfulness teacher: “Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers.” - Richard Bach, Illusions

My Mindfulness Teacher Training Journey: Embodiment of Gratitude

Cathan Kabrelian tells about her mindfulness teacher training journey and the insights she experienced along the way
Shane Ledford, CMT-200

Meet the Teacher: Shane Ledford

Meet Shane Ledford, CYT, Core Community Teacher for the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness, Yin Yoga teacher, student of walking meditation (“Kinhin”) and Forest Therapy (“Shinrin-Yoku”), and avid movie buff.

Teachings for Teachers

At the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness we have been building a secular sangha of teachers, doing our best to create opportunities for support and guidance that can be lacking Midwestern and rural communities.
Tatiana Padron Perich, CMT-200

Meet the Teacher: Tatiana Padrón Perich

Tatiana Padron, CMT-200 is a native Spanish speaker and core community teacher for the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness (MAM).
Angela Caruso-Yahne, CCISM, CTSS

Meet the Teacher: Angela Caruso-Yahne

Meet Angela Caruso-Yahne, core community teacher for the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness (MAM).

Meet the Teacher: Julia Grimm

Meet Julia Grimm, LMLP-T, RYT-200, community teacher for the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness, licensed therapist, and registered yoga teacher. She brings a broad world view and an element of creativity to her mindfulness classes.

Meet the Teacher: Pam Hausner

Meet Pam Hausner, an advocate for social justice, entrepreneur, marketing expert, and mindfulness teacher who leads community classes for the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness.
Erik Hulse, CMT-200

Meet the Teacher: Erik Hulse

Meet Erik Hulse, CMT-200, a retired police officer, trained Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, and PauseFirst: Mindfulness for First Responders teacher who leads a number of classes and courses for the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness.

Does Training Matter for Mindfulness Teachers?

Additional research is needed, but currently the data is showing that instructor training does indeed matter. Studies suggest that a higher level of Mindfulness Based Program teacher training may be linked to higher wellbeing outcomes, lower perceived stress, and greater service satisfaction among participants.