The Tyranny of I, Me and Mine

The self is a mental construct that enables our survival and simplifies our relationship with the world. Although it's necessary for navigating the human condition, it's also the cause of much suffering. What we call the self is a dynamic interplay of interconnected experiences including the mind, the body and our interactions with the material world. Through practice, we can learn to navigate the self with greater mindfulness and self-compassion so that we can meet our experiences more skillfully.

Mindfulness of Self-Conscious Emotions: Envy

Envy is a self-conscious emotion that can cause us much pain. Through the cultivation of mindfulness, we can learn to see through the illusion of "I, me and mine" and engage in value-congruent behavior that supports our intentions for happiness and wellbeing.

Mindfulness of Self-Conscious Emotions: Pride

Though we are often encouraged to take pride in our accomplishments or the groups we associate ourselves with, this self-conscious emotion can become an obstacle and lead to suffering. Mindfulness can help us cultivate more skillful states of mind that have a greater likelihood of leading to lasting happiness.