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Mindfulness and Radical Imagination

Mindfulness and creativity form a generative feedback loop, providing beneficent fuel for radical imagination toward collective liberation.
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Continuous Becoming: Offering Mindfulness in a Transition Center

Erik Hulse shares his experience volunteering at Transition Center Kansas City (TCKC), an organization that helps the formerly incarcerated make a successful reintegration into the community

True and Authentic Freedom

Mindfulness may be one ingredient in the antidote to conditional freedom. When we cultivate the attitudes and practices of mindfulness in a dedicated and sustained manner, we begin to see through the delusions of ignorance, greed, jealousy, fear and anger that cause us to hold ourselves above, discriminate against, and harm others.

Escaping the Cycle of Suffering

We can learn how to step out of the cycle of suffering with the help of a dedicated mindfulness practice, responding to pain with wisdom.

Liberation: The True Meaning of Freedom

True freedom comes from within. Through the practice of mindfulness we cultivate an understanding of, and a new relationship with, the things that most often hold us captive, such as ignorance, attachment and aversion.