Meet the Teacher: Pam Hausner

Pam Hausner is a community teacher for the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness,  a strong advocate for social justice, and the branding and marketing entrepreneur behind Big Vision Design. She has independently taught mindfulness classes in the Kansas City Metro and partnered with Kansas City therapists to provide mindfulness training to their clientele. She said mindfulness has given her an important sense of honest grounding and she can no longer imagine life without the practice. Here is what Pam told us about her mindfulness journey:

“Mindfulness has meant so much to me by teaching me how to be fully present in the moment. Most of my life was focused on strategizing for the future and often avoiding or feeling bad about the past. I knew there had to be something more to life but didn’t know what it was until I discovered mindfulness. I first learned of mindfulness meditation through reading books and listening to podcasts. Eventually I started to go on retreats and take courses in various mindfulness practices. With each step, the world opened up a bit more for me until I knew I was home.

Through regular practice, the power of being in the NOW and everything it holds has become more real and alive—regardless of whether what I’m experiencing is pleasant or difficult. I love the insight that is gained by not resisting what is really happening but instead allowing myself to explore it with curiosity and friendliness. That lovely pause gives space for responding rather than reacting and brings tremendous opportunity for growth and improvement as well as a natural compassion by understanding we’re all in this together.

I work professionally with small businesses and nonprofits, and spend quite a bit of time doing political advocacy work. There is so much stress and turmoil in the world it can become overwhelming, but like millions of others throughout history, I’ve learned that mindfulness meditation can help provide peace, clarity of thought, happiness, and actually help solve conflicts.

Teaching mindfulness meditation is one way I can create a positive impact in the world. I am currently studying under Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, through their Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. It was a great delight to discover the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness. I love the vision they have for the Kansas City area and am honored to be a part of the precious community they are creating.”

Pam teaches our community mindfulness practice meeting in the Crossroads Arts District, KCMO on Monday nights. Check out our calendar to register for one of her upcoming classes.

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