Saying Yes to This Life

I recently encountered a social media post from a yogi to his partner that said, "Thank you for saying yes to this life..." I knew this beautiful sentiment was coming from his spiritual tradition, but it really got me thinking deeply - beyond any kind of faith or belief system. I thought, "What a powerful … Continue reading Saying Yes to This Life

Mindfulness Practice in 3D: Dedication, Diligence, Devotion

Do you have the patience to wait until the mud settles and your water is clear?  - Lao Tzu Mindfulness is both a way of life and a practice. Although some benefit can be seen after even very brief exposure, life changing paradigm shifts tend to happen primarily through dedication, diligence and devotion. Dedication implies … Continue reading Mindfulness Practice in 3D: Dedication, Diligence, Devotion

Cultivating a Sustainable Practice

At Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness, we offer a number of 8 -week courses in mindfulness and this is a helpful way to provide some structure, motivation and accountability within which a fledgling practice might take flight. New practitioners often feel grateful for and full of wonder at what they discover – even if its just a few … Continue reading Cultivating a Sustainable Practice