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Prairie Center Nature Reserve

Land Acknowledgement

The Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness wishes to recognize and offer respect for the Native Peoples who were forcefully displaced from the land we now inhabit. We offer deep gratitude for the ancestors, current and future keepers of this land.
Meditation Room

The Politics of Mindfulness

Do mindfulness and politics go together? Mindfulness can help us develop skills and qualities that deepen our connection with and understanding of our values and beliefs and this may in turn inform our political choices.

Building an Inclusive Community: Mindfulness Affinity Groups

We value diversity and understand the importance of supporting belonging in an inclusive community through affinity groups.

Self-Compassion, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Recently Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, Dr. Sydney Spears, provided an interview for Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris in which she shared her views on the important role of self-compassion in diversity, equity and inclusion work and vice…