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Mindfulness of Social Media

It's temping to retaliate with cruel remarks or put-down humor when offensive posts come across our social media feeds. Mindfulness can give us the skills needed to respond more skillfully so that our online presence might become a force for good.

Mindfulness of Social Communications

Mindfulness can help us make space to examine the intentions behind our social communications and align them with our highest values.

Relating Mindfully in a Time of Social Distance

In times of uncertainty and physical separation, the ability to relate to one another mindfully is more important than ever. Every call, text, email, and other means of relating across distance is ripe with the opportunity to make a meaningful connection through mindful communication.

America is SUPER-lative! The Importance of Mindful Speech

What’s up with our overuse of superlatives? In mainstream America, we see no problem labeling fairly mundane things the greatest, best, or worst, fabulous, terrible, or awful. I myself am a culprit and have been known to announce, “This…