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Angie Bahner, CMT-200

The Transformational Power of Mindfulness Teacher Training

Angie Bahner shares how her mindfulness teacher training can help her develop a curriculum for learning about mindfulness and engaging in practices within the classroom
mindfulness teacher training program graduate Jeanie Bunker

The Transformational Experience of Mindfulness Teacher Training

Jeanie Bunker discusses her passion for passing on her love of mindfulness to the next generation and being of service in her community

Breaking Down the Gates and Welcoming In the Wilderness with Mindfulness

Certified mindfulness teacher Julia Grimm discusses the wisdom and refuge of her practice as well as the fruits of her mindfulness teacher training experience.

A Journey with Mindfulness: Mindfulness and Transformation

MAM teacher, Tatiana Padron Perich, writes about her personal mindfulness journey and how her mindfulness teacher training experience helped expand and broaden her understanding.