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Is Anyone Beyond Compassion?

The practice of mindfulness can help us pause before reacting impulsively to acts of aggression or hatred. This makes space for considering the many choices available to us for responding with skill and wisdom. Evidence throughout history and in the research demonstrates that a more reasoned and compassionate response leads to better long term outcomes for us all.

Waking Up to Our Ignorance

Mindfulness is an excellent antidote to ignorance because knowing what we don't know makes us wiser.

The Paradox of Acceptance

Acceptance is compassionate presence - acknowledging what is without judgment. It allows us to see things more clearly. When we accept, we are saying, “Yes, this is the way it is right now.” Yet, acceptance is not resignation. When we…

Cultivating Wise Compassion

Compassion, whether gentle or fierce, is openness to the presence of suffering combined with the desire to eliminate it and its causes.

Trust: Openness Rooted in Wisdom

Jon Kabat-Zinn's mindful attitude of trust is the sense of assuredness we develop through practice in the wisdom of the body, heart and mind to manage itself.

Embracing Beginnership

Beginner’s mind is one of the seven interconnected fundamental attitudes of mindfulness that are consciously cultivated during practice, according to Jon Kabat-Zinn. In his book Full Catastrophe Living,

Why Study the Roots of Mindfulness?

Understanding history is an important way to gain wisdom, deepen understanding, and prevent the repetition of past mistakes. Seeing the world from other perspectives makes us more compassionate and flexible. Studying the roots of mindfulness brings similar benefits to practice.

The Elements of Mindfulness Practice

What distinguishes a mindfulness practice from other types of practices that support wellbeing? Its no surprise to me that mindfulness has become a household word in recent years. It is a way of living that is both elegantly simple and exceedingly powerful. When practiced skillfully, it becomes nothing less than transformative.